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Workforce Automation

Makotek’s workforce utilizes a customized smartphone application.
Application is compatible with Apple and Android Features include:


  1. Job routing with Map views and filters.

  2. Payment processing – electronic, physical and postdated.

  3. Email receipts sent at time of payment or recovery.

  4. GPS trails of all technician activity.

  5. Web views of open work and technician performance.

  6. Real time job assignment and job updates.

At the start of the day, field representatives’ log onto application, receive open work that has been prioritized and routed. Management tracks each reps daily progress with on-line score cards. Central dispatch automatically processes updates received from technicians and able to communicate back/forth with messaging features.

Benefits include:

  1. Process driven collection model.

  2. Accurate and current metric performance.

  3. Flexibility to allocate staff to hot spots.

  4. Enhanced management of workforce.

  5. Improved customer contact per attempt.

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