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Executive Bios

Rich Rettstadt
An executive of Makotek with over 30 years of experience in the cable contracting industry. Rich previously served as Executive VP for Viasource Communications, the country's largest publicly held broadband fulfillment provider. Rich founded one of Viasource's cornerstone acquisitions, Communication Resources Inc. (CRI). CRI pioneered nonpay field collection and equipment recovery services for Cable operators in the early 1980's. CRI also provided installation and audit services.

Rick Beltz
An executive and co-founder of Makotek with 23 years of experience in the communications industry. Rick previously served as South Division COO for Viasource Communications. While with Viasource, Rick was responsible for business development and managed numerous broadband Installation, Collections and Disconnect projects. Prior to joining Viasource Rick held various leadership roles with Time Warner Cable, including Regional Manager/Vice-President.

Jim DeCastro
An executive and co-founder of Makotek with 29 years of experience in the communications industry. Jim previously served as Southeast U.S. Regional Manager for Viasource Communications. Prior to joining Viasource, Jim served as VP of Operations for Communication Resources Inc., where he oversaw daily operations. He was also responsible for all new market start-ups for Installation, Collections, Disconnect and Audits projects.

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